Monday, August 21, 2017

Schedule for Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2017.

Hey guys!

Its here, and when I say its here its literally here. The first city on TC corporate quiz this time which is Thiruvanantapuram will have there city round this Friday!!!

Here is the schedule for all the cities, still there are many cities for which the exact venue is not decided so do revisit this page as I will update it when its available.

For more details visit this page.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

OBQ 1011: No longer a pipe dream.

Its amazing when stuff from Science fiction become reality if our day to day life.

Identify the visionaries that are working on making one of the pipe dreams (and this one actually involves real pipes!) of mankind into reality. They are just innovating with the product that they are making but also with the way they have structured and run this super expensive project.

The second image is just a schematic of things that they are working on.

Friday, August 18, 2017

OBQ 1010: Wink wink, you are dead!

Uber is facing a lot of challenges be it in the boardroom or the streets world over. The latest challenge comes from the company that

might just prove to be the death knell atleast for its international expansion plans.

Identify the brand, brownie points for anyone who can explain why was it in news recently.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

OBQ 1009: Transforming for the twenty first.

Started by its namesake the company has transformed itself as a media powerhouse in 20th century, now in 21st century it is doing all the right things to stay relevant in the brave new world.

Identify the founder/company.

Monday, August 14, 2017

OBQ 1008: Riding his Irish luck.

Identify the swashbuckling businessman who has more than his Irish luck with him to make it large in an industry which is otherwise known for turning billionaires into millionaires.

Answer: Michael O'Leary the owner of Ryanair

Saturday, August 12, 2017

OBQ 1007: The Eastern Empire.

India's east has lately become dull in terms of business momentum, however there are still enterprises like these that are revitalizing themselves to be the leader in their industries.

Connect these companies/brand and this very important person to the holding company that is rarely mentioned in India's business corridors but holds great significance in India's east.

Answer: Williamson Magor group of Khaitans that owns Eveready Industries as well as tea business Mcleod Rusell

Thursday, August 10, 2017

OBQ 1006: Your reliable domestic help!

Believe me! These two guys have done more to help women (and men) of the house than probably anyone else in the world, with help of second image (just in case) identify the guys and the company that they started.

Answer: Whirlpool founder by the Upton brothers

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

OBQ 1005: We lead, others follow!

Quite literally! This is a trend setter company in the world of food innovation and it is doing it for over 150 years, this company has quite literally evolved our food habits.

Identify the company from the classy ads. And if you have to Google for this classy ad then you know that you are not that classy quizzer ;-)

Answer: General Mills, the producer of famous brands like Kelloggs and Betty Croker

Sunday, August 6, 2017

OBQ 1004: Brotherly business with brute force!

In the era of e-tail there is a brick and mortar business that is thriving and spreading like wild fire, identify the business started by two brothers more than seventy years ago that is no longer a place for penny pincher!

Answer: Aldi the hard discounter from Germany

Friday, August 4, 2017

OBQ 1003: The man... the legacy.

He co-founded one of the most valuable firm on planet earth, throughout his life he was known to be a misfit, arrogant and ungrateful even to the closest members of family and friends...I guess you are getting an idea on who I am referring to.

After his untimely death some of his wishes are being completed by this enterprise very quietly (unlike the brand that he created which is  ubiquitous).

Identify the logo of a Non government organization.

Answer: Emerson collective started by Laura Powell Jobs (wife of Steve Jobs).

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

OBQ 1002: Say HOWDY to the big Texan!

They might not be as famous as their English and Spanish partner, but like a good Texan they are much richer than them and definitely know how to put a good show!

Connect these images to a sport team.

Answer: It is indeed Dallas Cowboys the world's most valuable sports franchise.

Monday, July 31, 2017

OBQ 1001: Transmitting happiness.

Identify the logo of a government run enterprise that's making life of thousands of family better every single day.

Answer: Powergrod Corporation of India Ltd.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

We are 1000 posts old! and a thousand times wiser.

Hello quizzers!


Thanks for being the witness of Original business quizzing journey from 1 to 1000!

I am not sure about others but in these eight years I have grown wiser with every single post both intellectually and emotionally.

The blog was just started at the spur of moment which was mainly dreading the business quizzes around Indian blogosphere where most of the content was copied infinitely! ( hence the word "Original" in the name of blog!)

One thing lead to another and today we are 1000 questions old, I have gone from being a awkward little brat to being a mid level (read balding) manager in an MNC with a wonderful wife and two amazing kids...

Its still amazes me even today that I walk into random strangers at public places who follow my blog and recognizes me from it, Its also amazing to have international followers of this Desi blog written by a Gujju based out of little know city of Vadodara (Baroda for those like things simple;-))

So thanks for reading/following/commenting on my blog, keep it up as that is my biggest inspiration!

As always  you can always drop your suggestions, vent your anger or just simply send questions to be posted on the blog as well as my facebook and twitter page, and don't worry whenever I post a question on behalf of "guests" , I will acknowledge it.

Corn and Peace!


Saturday, July 29, 2017

OBQ 1000: The Italian Syndicate.

Well we just hit the thousand questions (always original!) marks! Never thought this when I started this blog almost eight years ago that we'll hit the four digits, seperate post to banta hai!!!!

Anyways coming to the question number "M" (not sure what it means??? figure it our ;-))

This is another Italian syndicate, which is more than 100 years old and much more successful than Corleone syndicate and definitely with much more fascinating mission.

Identify the brand/company that is at centre of the syndicate with the help of these images. Images have some famous products of the company, the emblem that inspired it and also pictures of the owner and the most famous "employee".

As always I am looking for a specific answer, so dont dawdle!!!

Answer: The answer is Alfa Romeo, Enzo Ferrari was test driver for it, Nicola Romeo was the owner and the logo is inspired by emblem of Visconti. The car in image is Torpedo 24/25 one of their first successes.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

OBQ 999: The artistic enterprise.

Just one away from thousand posts!!!!

What these two guys started as there way to preserve a dying art form has now become a world renowned spectacle  that churns out money at the speed that the founders can hardly imagine.

Identify the name of the enterprise that these lads started, also there is the logo of the company to help you figure it out!

Answer: Cirque de Soliel