Saturday, April 27, 2013

OBQ 570: Time for some jargon...

Tell me what is the connect between this gentlemen and the product...
Answer: Private labels! Tasty treat is the private label from future group, and Nirmalya Kumar is one of the top authority in Private Label Strategy


  1. Big Bazaar’s Tasty Treat is a
    Private Labels, Nirmalya Kumar, professor of marketing and co-director of the Aditya Birla India Centre at London Business School, in his book, Private Label Strategy authored with Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, explores the phenomenon of private labels.

  2. Pic 1-Tasty Treat-Private Label of Big Bazaar(Future Group).
    Pic 2-Nirmalya Kumar-Professor of Marketing at London Business School.
    Connect-Nirmalya Kumar has co-authored a book 'Private Label Strategy'about the growing competition between Private Labels and Manufactured Branded products.