Saturday, December 30, 2017

OBQ 1076: The great outdoors.

Here is company that is committed to bringing you closer to the nature even before it became cool!
They have been doing it for over 90 years by making cutting edge equipments that makes it easier for us to conquer our human limitations!

Connect these images to the company.

I can give some hints if you think its too hard!

Answer: Shimano

Thursday, December 28, 2017

OBQ 1075: Country as a brand.

It hardly ever happens that a product/brand become almost synonymous with a country. But if there is a case for this this logo is the closest representative of its homeland.

No doubt that government has tight control on the brand.

Identify the logo and the product and country that it stands for.

Answer: Cuba and Cuban cigars The logo is of Habanos the flagship brand of Cuban cigars.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

OBQ 1074: The Good Shepherd.

He has changed the way America eats, he has changed the way business is run as a partnership with its employee, and in the process he also changed the way immigrants from middle east are seen in America.

He is indeed a good shepherd!!

Who is he? Also if you are really smart you will know why I am referring to him as a shepherd.

Answer: Hamdi Ulukaya the Turkish immigrant who established multi billion dollar business of Chobani in USA.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

OBQ 1073: Creativity is name of the game.

Here is company that seeded modern day silicon valley with the creativity that its now know from, starting from employing some of the best nerds in the valley, to making some of the coolest hardware and software it did all.

Use these pictures to connect to the iconic brand from early era of tech industry.

Answer: Atari, The owners also of Chuck E Cheese, Steve Woz was one of their employees and their logo is inspired by Mount Fuji.

Friday, December 22, 2017

OBQ 1072: The name lives on.

This family's history is spattered with tragedies, but its understanding of automobile design has ensured that the family name still lives on even if the business that they started closed more than 50 years ago.

Which family/brand name is it? If you really want to show off tell me who is the current owner of the brand.

Answer: Bugatti 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

OBQ 1071: Cashing in on the coin craze.

The people who made millions during the gold rush were not the gold diggers, but those were supplying shovels and denim (Levi's you see?), same ways here is the company that is making big bucks by just providing the "means" to extract gold out of the bitcoin craze.

Whether you become a millionaire or not, they surely know how to make money out of the bitcoin craze.

Name the company from its logo.

Answer: Zebpay

Monday, December 18, 2017

OBQ 1070: The greatest invention since?

Well probably this question tests more of your language skills than your business knowledge.
This machine was at the centre of what is considered to be one of the "greatest invention" of 20th century.

What is the machine and what does it do?

Answer: The first machine to make Sliced bread!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

OBQ 1069: The big Japanese player!

Here is one of the eastern giants who has focused on scaling up globally in last few years, and with some big ticket sponsorships now it is truly grabbing the eyeballs!

Hope it has caught your attention as well, identify the brand/company.

Answer: Rakuten

Thursday, December 14, 2017

OBQ 1068: Why Greenland looks bigger than Africa.

This Dutchman has confused us for more than four centuries now, he did that because the map making system that he made is still the most common way to make maps around the world, and thats the reason why some regions though small look bigger than others!

Who is the lad? Even his last name will do.

Answer: Gerardus Mercator, the man behind the Mercator projections that are still used to make maps.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

OBQ 1067: Need for espeed!

No I am not talking in desi language, lately there has been a lot of electric cars setting e-speed records. Here is one of them.

Connect these images to a European car brand that is lately generating a lot of buzz (e-cars surely don't generate noise).

Answer: Rimac, The one that Richard Hammond famously crashed.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

OBQ 1066: Biography of a serious dude.

Here is an incomplete biography of a dude who was born more than 50 years ago, and for a serious guy he has done rather well.

Who is he and which brand does he represents?

Answer: Mr. Pringles

Friday, December 8, 2017

OBQ 1065: The valley Dealster.

He probably hates the word "the" but he is nonetheless The dealster in silicon valley with string of great deals.

Connect this images to that person.

Answer: Sean Parker

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

OBQ 1064: Oasis of peace.

The world of hotels and hospitality where large sized hotels with cookie cutter rooms and services rule the roost, here is a chain with a difference which banks on providing unique services in midst of amazing architecture to a small number of customer.

Identify the man behind it and name the company which literally means peace and provides it too handful of lucky guests!

Answer: Aman resorts

Monday, December 4, 2017

OBQ 1063: Lingua franca for 21st century.

As we move into era of big data and artificial intelligence the language developed by this guy is gaining popularity.

Who is he and which language did he help create?

Answer: Python the language behind big data/AI and much of cloud computing

Saturday, December 2, 2017

OBQ 1062: The big turn.

Here is new logo of an iconic and sometime controversial institution. Seems like the want to avoid sharp bends after-all!

Name the organization.

Answer: Formula 1 new logo

Thursday, November 30, 2017

OBQ 1061: Like a box of donuts!

This business is built like a box of assorted donuts!!! They have business of all colours, sizes and simply connect to the company.

You know you are not good enough if you have to google this ;-)

Answer: JAB holdings owns RB, Krispy Kreme donuts, Wella and many other big businesses.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

OBQ 1060: Wardrobe for the fashionistas!

Here is company that has done a great balance of retailing and branding the new way by leveraging power of technology and by leveraging brand value of superstars.


Answer: Myntra

Sunday, November 26, 2017

OBQ 1059: The smartness in your phone.

Smartphones have become universal and without us knowing it one company has impacted everything that makes it smart, from the communication protocol it uses to the location tracking part of it. A good part of these innovations came from a single company started by this gang.

Which company did they start?

Answer: Qualcomm

Friday, November 24, 2017

OBQ 1058: Younger brother bigger cause.

He might be the younger of the siblings but he is working on things far more grass root, while his brother thinks of future he is defending the present.

Who is he?

Answer: Kimball Musk, brother of Elon Musk

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

OBQ 1057: Moonshot, quite literally!

India has seen a lot of start-ups that have made it large in various domains, however this one is my favorite and it takes the cake as far as the ambition goes.

From taking the moonshot to being first space agency of India this team had the making of an awesome start-up.

Name the team here and the company that they belong to.

Answer: Team indus, wihch will send India's first private mission to space in year 2018.

Monday, November 20, 2017

OBQ 1056: Geopolitics, Chinese style!

China has been flexing a lot Geopolitical muscle lately, however its first "tool" of geopolitics was much more benign (some will say adorable) and it started with extending it to USA and Japan.

Here is the world map of where China has used this tool and how much!

Explain me what Geopolitical tactics am I referring to?

Answer, This is panda politics, and the number indicates the number of Pandas that China has "loaned" to these countries.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

OBQ 1055: When funny makes money!

Whats better than making tonnes of money while you have fun! This company has done the same by developing an amazingly viral product that provided it users with fun while the owner sold it for billions of dollars and made boat loads of money!

Connect these images to identify the company or its most famous product.

Answer: Minecraft

Thursday, November 16, 2017

OBQ 1054: Small to big.

Here is the logo of an institution that was specially instituted to take care of the small business so that they can grow big.

Identify it from the logo.

Answer: SIDBI

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

OBQ 1053: Taking the middle path.

As India became an independent country some 70 years ago the coldwar was just warming up, and it was easy to go either the socialist way or the capitalist way, it was gentlemen like him who decided to rather take a middle path that decided the destiny of India that we live in.

His contribution were not only in the field of policy planning though, who is he?

Answer: Dr. P C Mahalanobis, the person behind first few five year plans and the Planning commission.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

OBQ 1052: Adventurer/Horologist

Here is a masterpiece that sells for millions in today's market, however it was not designed by a master horologist but a person who was known for his ability to take up amazing adventure as challenge.
The adventure that he took-up needed him to know the exact time and location, so it kind of made sense for him to design it.

Identify the person I am talking about, additional points for the one who can say the exact name of this watch model.

Answer: Longines Hour adjust designed by Charles Lindbergh

Friday, November 10, 2017

OBQ 1051: H for higher education!

For all these extraordinary "Indian exported talent" H is not just higher education but H also stands for there Alma mater, and no H in there case doesn't stand for Harvard university either!

Identify the H that connects these business big shots!

Answer: They are all alumnus of Hyderabad public school.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

OBQ 1050: The fallout family.

As Russia celebrates 100 years of revolution there is one family with its roots in France that wont be especially excited about it.

Revolution meant that the family lost its biggest client and was literally running for their lives to France, the country of their origin.

Today the brand that they created is used for marketing a motley bunch of products though with Russia out of clutches of Communism the ware manufactured by the company pre-revolution are back in fashion for the super-wealthy of the world.

Connect to a "family brand".

Answer: The Faberge family, the famous French/Russian jewelers.

Monday, November 6, 2017

OBQ 1049: Intellectually yours.

In a world of cut throat competition where everything is trademark, patented and fiercely protected here is a group promoting sharing of some great work, so that everyone globally can build upon it.

Identify their logo, and yes it is not trademarked!

Answer: Creative commons.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

OBQ 1048: Timeless geniuses.

They belong to completely different fields and completely different eras, one is linguistic expert from ancient India, other is twentieth century British philosopher, another is someone who ushered us into twenty first century dotcom era.

But still there is a solid link that connects them all, its a list of extraordinary geniuses that they are one.
Which list?

Connect all pieces and you are a genius to me!

Answer: They all belong to the list of "Pioneers in computer science".

Thursday, November 2, 2017

OBQ 1047: More than what meets the eye.

Here is a bunch of not so random companies, yes they do have "Technology" as a common theme as their business model but there is more than that.

It has to do with their founders and their past associations...I guess that's enough of a hint if you have "Intelligence".

Answer: All of these companies were started by people who were in Israeli armed forces.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

OBQ 1046: Booze can give you more than a hangover!

Well a bottle or two of whiskey certainly helped a German company to buy a trademark from this Finnish company, and since then that trademarked logo can be seen pretty much everywhere in the world.

Identify the less known logo of Finnish company that had rights to it till mid twentieth century.

Answer: Karhu sports sold its right to the three stripes logo to Adidas over few bottle of whiskey and some cash!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

OBQ 1045: Suits all palates.

Here is a company that likes its colors and it has some of the most beautiful properties that you will come across.

Connect to a hospitality brand/company. Its always better if you can explain all the images in connect.

Answer: Carlson Rezidor group of hotels which includes brands like Radisson.

Friday, October 27, 2017

OBQ 1044: In the family, for the family

This Italian business that has been in the same family for over four generations, makes products suitable for everyone in your family.
It deals with commodities but sells heritage!

Identify the brand company in question.

Answer: Barilla

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

OBQ 1043: Style over substance?

Identify the "global platform" that is soon going to enter Indian market in a very different style by collaborating with Bollywood and soap opera business...some say its rather too radical a shift for it from its humble and intellectual origins.

Connect the three images to identify the platform in question.

Answer: Ted talks

Monday, October 23, 2017

OBQ 1042: The end of Australian dream.

Started more than 150 years ago as a horse saddle manufacturer the company has seen all things through which its country of origin has gone through, the brand is now going off production after it old American partnership didnt work out as expected.

Which brand/company am I referring to?

Answer: Holden motors which rolled out its last car in October 2017 before being shut down by its parent company General motors

Saturday, October 21, 2017

OBQ 1041: Mirroring success

The company that started more than 350 years ago, to supply French royalty with luxury goods and reduce dependence on Venetian mirror makers has now literally mirrored its success in various other sectors and transformed itself into a true conglomerate.

Identify the company from its new logo.

Answer: Saint Gobain it is!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

OBQ 1040: The hunt for second city.

Happy Diwali good fellas of Quizzing world!

Here is just a snapshot of few east coast cities of USA who are bidding to be the "second city" of this company and so far more than 100 cities/counties have joined them from all over the USA.

What are they all bidding for and which is the company at centre of all this?

Answer: This are some of the city of USA east coast that have bid to be the second head quarter for Amazon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

OBQ 1039: Making global connections.

This is a marketing campaign that is running for many years across the world and the company is surely making some amazing global connections quite literally.

Identify the brand.

Answer: HSBC

Sunday, October 15, 2017

OBQ 1038: The conscience keeper.

Be it business or politics you need a good conscience, and its good if you have someone who reminds you of it in a very analytic way.

The company that he started is doing that for over 80 years now and it providing world leaders with a scorecard of their performance.

Who is he and which company did he start?

answer: He is George Gallup the founder of Gallup company that does surveys of which some concern with approval ratings of US president as well as different company CEOs.

Friday, October 13, 2017

OBQ 1037: Pioneer plays second fiddle .

The company that was started more than 125 years ago by a true pioneer who changed the face of mobility is now torn into parts and sold for pieces.

So put the parts together and tell me which legendary brand am I referring to?

Answer: Dunlop, which has sold its rights to various other companies for selling tyres in various geographies.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

OBQ 1036: For amphibian fun!

We like to party! and this brand with its super smart product had ensured that the party continues even when we are not on land!

They also have a very smart way to advertise themselves.

Identify the brand from its advertisement.

Answer: Crocs

Monday, October 9, 2017

OBQ 1035: Current affairs.

OK guys, don't beat me with the proverbial broomstick!

I know its kind of a sitter but he is kind of an important guy, so let me ask you who is he and which corporation does he lead?

Answer: He is Rajnish kumar the new Chariman of State bank of India.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

OBQ 1034: A giant leap for sure!

To the disbelief of western media and society, this guy and this corporation did something sixty years ago that changed the course of humanity.

They will be for sure remembered for as long as human civilizations exists!

Which event am I referring to and who is the gentleman and corporation in the image?

If you look closely and have a good memory the logo has a huge hint!

Answer: 60 years of successful launch of Sputnik.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

OBQ 1033: No Child's play.

Here is a business that sounded like a fairy tale business story from 20th century, but is really struggling in 21st century to survive.

Identify the company from its founder and bunch of other hints in the image.

Answer: Toys R US which filed for bankruptcy recently.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

OBQ 1032: The ultimate benchmark of performance.

Here is ranking with the top-3 automakers listed based on there performance on a specific platform over the last 90+ years.

It is one of the most respected benchmark as far as the performance of automobiles go.

Without giving too many hints tell me what I am talking about?

Answer: The 24 hours of Le Mans Race and the teams that have won it for the maximum number of times.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

OBQ 1031: The e-Commerce superhero!

No this is not the plan for next Marvel comics, its a company that is literally supercharging its way to unicorn status by doing superhero (well not really!) like tasks for some of the big e-Commerce company.

The logo also reflects the superheroic qualities of the company.

Name the company!!!!

Answer: Deliveryhero

Friday, September 29, 2017

OBQ 1030: In the eye of cyclone.

The first image is of a basic scientific principle that the lad (or rather Sir) in the second image used to its fullest potential and in process become a billionaire himself.

Now he is driving (literally!) a change in the company that it created that will make his legacy future proof.

Who is he and which company did he started?

Answer: Dyson

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

OBQ 1029: Stars in their sight.

OK guys time for an easy one.

Identify the logo of a well known company from the world of nutrition.

Answer: Danone

Monday, September 25, 2017

OBQ 1028: The end of "cubicle nation"?

As you burn away your life in "Cubicle nation" these guys are redefining future work and in the process making themselves billionaire.

Who are they and which "Workplace" did they establish?

Answer: They are founders of We work, the shared workspace company.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tata Crucible 2017 Corporate Quiz Ahmedabad Regional round review

Hi there!

It was an amazing Corporate round in Ahmedabad Tata Crucible this year, more amazing than usual as this time me and my partner Ashutosh did not only made it to the finals but also won the whole thing!

For a change this time the quiz was organized in the stunning campus of TCS Garima Park in Gandhinagar and not in Ahmedabad as always.

Here are the questions, starting with 20 prelims questions, we got 17 right so I guess the overall difficulty level was not very high.



  1. Which furnishing giant has headquarter in Netherlands and had Tornjorn Loof as its CEO ?(Ikea)
  2. In Yekatarinburg Russia there is a monument to Edward Balami the sci-fi writer, the monument is 2:1 in size and it was predicted as future innovation by Edward in year 1988 which innovation is this that he predicted? (Credit card)
  3. The promoter of this watch brand also owns brand called HRX. (Rado)
  4. Which  Indian group owns brands like Planet M, Next etc. (Videocon)
  5. What was developed for Kroger to remove coal stains but now its used more by kids (Play-dough)
  6. Pratap C Reddy started which chain of hospital from Chennai. (Apollo Hospitals)
  7. DEIVEE is an brand owned by which Indian supermodel (Milind Soman)

     8.  Roy Farelll started which airline based out of Australia? (Cathay Pacific)
     9.  This restaurant started in South Africa by a guy named "Fernando" which specializes in chicken dishes and is now spread world owner and is known for use of a special African spice (Nando's)
     10. Identify the logo (Wella)
    11. Bertie charles started which famous business magazine? (Forbes)
    12. Mario and Martina started a brand of shoe for woman that later diversified they never wanted woman to run this company but they handed over it to their daughter eventually (Prada)
    13.  John Hendricks started which cable network that now owns brands like Oprah Winfrey Network, TLC and other channels? (Discovery Networks)
   14.  Billion beats a magazine with only positive news was started by which Bharat Ratna awardee (APJ Abdul Kalam)
    15. Which university in Oakbrook, Chicago has its graduates in more than 190 countires? (McDonald's Hamburger university)
    16. Mike Lazardis started which company that was pioneer in Internet of things (Research in motion/Blackberry)
    17.  Shepton Dash, Gambit etc are all mascot of which paint brand? (Dulux)
    18. Josephy Cyrell designed which logo that is inclined at 18 degree (JCB)
    19. Identify the business personality (Steve Wozniak)
    20. Identify the logo of famous hotel chain

The six teams to qualify on stage were us (Nielsen India Private Limited), Uber, Relaince industries, SAC (ISRO), TCS and Zydus Hospitals (with the CEO himself being the contestant!).

The chief guest was Mr. Ajay Pandey, CEO of GIFT City.

Finals were divided in three rounds.

First one being called Call of duty.

Five questions 150 points each go for bonus and you get 200 wrong answer carried negative 100.

Q1. Identify the initiative by which company (Snap Inc)
Q2. Connect question with pic of Levi Strauss, Logo of Dockers etc (Levi's)

Q3. Identify (New CEO of Air Asia)

Q4.  Meaning of Diageo name

Q5. Logo of Near buy

ROUND 2: Sudden Strike

This was a bounty round with 12 question each of 100 point though you had chance to double down on each question doubling its value and its negative (-50>-100)

You can also use a badge called "Escape" once during the round which will allow you to change the question, you can also use a badge called "Golden retriever" which will allow the quizmaster to ask you question from past Tata Crucible quizzes.

Q1 Connect, Amazon Echo pic, Junglee logo, Douglas Hofstader book (Amazon)

Q2. Who is chief product manager at Lenovo and owns venture firm called A-list? (Ashton Kutcher)

Q3. Pictorial representation of what (Elevator Pitch)

Q4. Logo of hmd (Successor of Nokia)

Q5.  Connect , Tesla cars, Solar City, Space X (Elon Musk)

Q6.  Tail wind is parent company of which airlines (Jet Airways)

Q7.  Pass out o IIM Calcutta, Worked at DBS, IDBI Capital, Standard Charter bank he now works in completely unrelated field (Amish Tripathi)

Q8.  Connect Air Asia, Lotus racing etc (Tony Fernandez)

Q9. He started a company by buying a tea consignment, which retailer. (TESCO)

Q 10. This game was invented by sailors to avoid sea sickness (Mojang)

Q 11. This british tabloid was started as a plea to protect fisherman from local laws and protect them which one? (The Guardian)

Q 12.  The manufacturer of IKF motorcycles sells which famous product worldwide? (AK-47)

Round 3  Heart of Steel

Just three question base question has 150 point but you can ask for bonus second question on related topic which garners you 100 point, negative -100 on both questions.

Total three question in the round.

Q1. Double life is biography of which Advertisement executive? (Alyque Pudumsee)

Bonus question, Alyque created Mr.Charlie as brand ambassador of which brand? (Cherry blossoms shoe polish)

Q2.  List of brands, Alpenlibe, Mentos etc. from  which company (Perfetti Van Melle )

Bonus question: Which Indian is the global CEO of Perfetti? (Sameer Suneja)

Q3: Picture of Mr and Mrs Wallace on Times magazine cover, which publication did they start? (Reader's Digest)

Bonus question: Who owned Reader's digest in India before it was sold? (Tatas)

Final score of winners

Nielsen India Pvt Ltd: 875
Uber: 550

All other teams were 150 or lower scores.