Monday, November 20, 2017

OBQ 1056: Geopolitics, Chinese style!

China has been flexing a lot Geopolitical muscle lately, however its first "tool" of geopolitics was much more benign (some will say adorable) and it started with extending it to USA and Japan.

Here is the world map of where China has used this tool and how much!

Explain me what Geopolitical tactics am I referring to?

Answer, This is panda politics, and the number indicates the number of Pandas that China has "loaned" to these countries.


  1. Trans pacific partnership

  2. Sending Koala bears? the numbers may be the number of koalas sent to those countries

  3. Sending Panda to these countries ??? Popularly known as "Panda Diplomacy" !!

  4. It is Panda Diplomacy!

    Good answer Andy, Arijit, so close...