Sunday, December 24, 2017

OBQ 1073: Creativity is name of the game.

Here is company that seeded modern day silicon valley with the creativity that its now know from, starting from employing some of the best nerds in the valley, to making some of the coolest hardware and software it did all.

Use these pictures to connect to the iconic brand from early era of tech industry.

Answer: Atari, The owners also of Chuck E Cheese, Steve Woz was one of their employees and their logo is inspired by Mount Fuji.


  1. Atari !!
    a) Nolan Bushnell,founder of Atari, also founded Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza
    b) Mount Fuji, inspired Logo of Atari
    c) Steve Wozniak built a video game "Breakout" with Atari.