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Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2015: Ahmedabad regional round full review with Answers.

Here comes the full review of Tata Crucible Corpora Quiz 2015’s Ahmedabad regional round.
Perhaps the participation was marred by heavy rains that lashed the city whole day and because of that there were less than 35 teams in Prelims.

Triton Consulting, L&T (2 teams), Social Udan (Meghshyam and Kushan), IOC and Petronet made it to the stage.

The winner in this low scoring and fairly tough corporate round were Nisarg and Tamanna from L&T and runner up was Triton team (which was missing Mr. Manjawala).

Here are the questions for Prelim, total 20 questions with about 4 tie breaker questions.

1. Give the name of Chinese electric and telecommunication brand from China that started in 2004 and now is famous across the world. Answer: Oppo

 2. This Indian was among the wealthiest people in Asia and one of the few billionaires under 40. He developed the second most used word processor way back in 1998. Who is he? Answer: Arun Pudur
3.       According to Sports pro magazine she is the most marketable player in the world, who is this Canadian sportswoman? Answer: Eugenie Bouchard

4.       Name the chemical giant from Germany (Hint: It’s a four letter world) Answer: BASF
5.       What is LTE? Answer: Long term evolution
6.       Honda published this vision in 1950s saying that their product will be in _____& Harmony with the society. The company later came-up with brand with the same name Answer: Accord
7.       Which company is trying to get back to laptop market by introducing product like Toughbook. It was famous for its 2 in 1 players in 90s. Answer: Panasonic
8.       What is full of MUDRA in MUDRA bank. Answer: Micro units development and refinance agency
9.       Which part in South India near Cochin is named after a spice and which spice? Answer: Cardamom
10.   Which product came in existent because of wheat shortage and replaced product like Glucon and Monaco biscuits? Answer: Barle biscuits.
11.   Logo of BASEL World.
12.   Glycodin brand of which company? Answer: Alembic pharma
13.   What is the term described to use when a small firm takes over much bigger firm? Answer: Leveraged buyout
14.   Why was bite taken off the apple logo? To differentiate it from which fruit? Answer: Cherry
15.   Who was India’s first and only woman finance minister? Answer: Indira Gandhi
16.   Which French author wrote Capital in 21st century ? Answer: Thomas Piketty
17.   Which company owns the deo brand HE? Answer: Emami
18.   Which fashion designer found talent like Isabella blow and committed suicide in 2010. Answer: Alexander Mcqueen
19.   Jean Nidtech started which company? Answer: Weight watchers
20.   Rajen Sethi is overseeing an art collection worth 1.6 billion USD at a location that brings a lot of people together.  Answer: Mumbai Airport

FINALS: The theme was around a triathlon
The first rounds was a marathon of 12 questions and in total there were about 24 questions divided across three rounds.
1. Thomas Adams Sr. invented this product as a cure to tooth ache but it ended up being a lifestyle products, which product? Answer: Chewing gum

2.  Tata Swacch came up with a water purifier that doesnt need elictircity name the brand. Answer:Tata Swacch Smart

3. Connect between A founder and Idea ad Shyam Benegal. Answer: Lowe Lintas

4.       Four letter car brand from Nissan that is energy efficient. Answer: LEAF

5.       Mikhael Gorbachev’s letter to world leader quoting which law? Answer: Parkinsons law
6.       Which company’s logo resembles Pacman? Answer: LG

7.       Name of a newsletter was given for a Tata steel subsidiary, name the subsidiary. Answer: Tata Alloys

8.       Arvind and Sharad Kajaria started which website that sees lot of traffic during festive season? Answer: 123greetings

9.       Media company’s logo. The name conflicts with name of a car company. Answer: Vox media

10.   Joseph Nathan who left UK in 1876 created something in New Zealand that’s a huge brand today. Answer: Glaxo

11.   Eric Ries book name: Answer: Lean start-ups

12.   Chaux de fonac started this brand and sold it to an American company in 1980s which watch brand? Answer: Movado

13.   After which business tycoon is the stadium in Pittsburgh named? Answer: Heinz

14.   Question around a digital initiative of Tatas. Answer: TCS

15.   Connect between Bret Lee, Jaffa Oranges etc. Answer: Rasna

16.   Seth Sitaram Poddar started which bank? Answer: Union Bank of India.

17.   Who tied up with movie Linga to market product FRC 72. Answer: Tata Docomo

18.   Which brand was manufactured exclusively in Goa till very recently? Answer: Old Spice

19.   Images of many brands were ask to connect to a personality. Answer: Bernard Arnault of LVMH

20.   Which brand changed its punchline after joining the Kraft group of brands? Answer: Maxewell house.

21.   Which .com was started by Jeff Taylor that changed the entire industry? Answer: Monster

22.   Images of Julain Assange, M A Jinnah, Spider and asked to connect: The Dawn newspaper that has exclusive rights of publishing wikileaks.

23.   Which company has adopted a simple logo of a blue triangle? Answer: Garmin

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