Saturday, August 7, 2010

Original Question 0088...

Clue 1: This company started as a hammer mill in 1646 in Sweden. Over last 350 years despite of change in its owner company is still famouly known for its single and its most (in)famous product.
Clue 2: The company is now part of the British Conglomerate BAE systems.
Clue 3: For some sovereign political reasons this company is banned despite of high demand of its product. 

Give the name of company/product.

Answer: It's the legendary Bofors, despite of Rajeev Gandhi and his cohort's Shenanigans the Howtizer performed really well during Kargil and came handy to Indian military but now as we're in process of acquiring more howitzers for our armed forces this company is black-listed due to which our military men will need to settle for the second best option...

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