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Review of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2012: Ahmedabad Regional Prelims and Final

Hi Gang,

What a great day of quizzing @ Ahmedabad, The dark horses (or Knights if you like it so!) Kushan Patel and Meghshyam Shirodkar went on to annihilate the usual suspects from Triton (Defending champions Mahesh Manjawala and Mayur Rana), Thermax and Vodafone. It was the most one sided quiz ever seen! The top team scored 110 points where as the runners up (from Petronet LNG) got just 15 points, all other teams combined scored less than a 3rd of what Kushan and Meghshyam did!

The turnout was just about 60 teams.

Prelim round : 25 Questions Cut-off went as high as 14! (We missed by 2 points)

Here are the questions and answers...

  1. This cosmetics company which is now very visible on TV was found by Darshan Patel identify the company: 

Vini Group manufacturer of products like FOGG deodrant.

     2.   Which Auto company tied up with Defiance CO (promoted by Hinduja group) to setup social media connect which lead to almost 12% increase in sales.

Nissan Motors

    3.    Which company has a scholarship program called Turning point ?


    4.   Which top IT company started its charity work under name of Sampark?


    5.    Identify the device

Nokia Luna

    6.    The shirt Co from India was selected to provide clothing for which famous toy brands?


    7.   Who launched the Madagascar 3 range of watches

Titan Fastrack

    8.   Which union minister leads the CeeJay Group and is also known as Bidi King by Indian media?

Praful patel

    9.   In 1899 a patent was issued to Mr William Middlebrook for a equipment manufacturing a commonly found office supply, name the office supply.


    10.   Identify the logo

    11.   This magazine was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin which compiled photos from world of fashion, which magazine?


    12.   The Smithsonian museum has more than 100 products from this company displayed, the founder was   well known for designing the Wonderlier bowl.


    13.   Maria Sharapova is one the list of Forbes list of richets sports stars which other Asian female has that credit?

Li Na

    14.   Martin Nordell the famous creator of the Green Lantern also created this logo which is famous for its Tummy poke

Pillsbury Doughboy

   15.   This logo was created by a British designer, earlier this broadcasting company had identity of batwing.


   16.   He named this company after the first space craft landed on Moon which company was thus founded?

 Apollo Hospitals

    17.    An actor won USD 100 for giving a name suggestion for a large selling brand of Hormel foods, which brand?


    18.   What was the new name given to golden rule store to attract money conscious customers?

J C Penny

    19.   Logo inspired by Rock of Gibraltar which company?

Prudential financial company.

    20.   Identify the heir of group 

Aditya Mittal

    21.   What was brainchild of Harry Lumsten and first used by corps of guide, ultimately it was adopted by Indian army during 40s

Khakhi Uniform

    22.   What did Nadkarni, Patil and Ravi Narain founded after leaving their job at IDBI?

National Stock Exchange

   23.   Started by Prakash Lakhani in 1980s with just four stitching machines, which kids brand?

Jiny and Jony.

   24.   The founder of this company Daniel Lewin died in 9/11 flight 11 crash in New york, which company?

Akamai Technology

  25.   Who endorses Yamaha Ray

Deepika Padukone

Finals Round 1 

Tips and tricks 12 questions but with buzzer.

Q1: What did Marc Beinoff started that today is USD 1 billion cloud computing service?

Q2: David a Pandelbury has predicted winners of Nobel prize from 2002 bases on citation reference and other variable, which company employs him?

Thomson Rueters

Q3: Expand EMO the meaning of new electric car by Tatas
Electric Motion

Q4: Connect of Dollar Undergarment

Q5: Identify two pictures

Vineet Nayar & Vineet Nayar (One CEO of Mahindra Satyam and other of HCL)

Q6:  With which e-commerce company did tata start its online services called  Deal zone?

Answer: Snapdeal

Q7:  What is being unveiled?

Mcbook Air

Q8:  This two companies were listed together on the sameday in 1970s over one decade the price of one company was more than double of others one analyst noted "This is proof that stockmarkets prefer memory over mammary which two companies?

Intel and Playboy

Q9:  Connect of Ashok Leyland

Q10: Which was the first Indian Jewellery brand to sell in Harrods?


Q11: Who tweeted: "Today is my last day as CEO of ____" only a fitting end to a #Haiku


Q12: Who is behind the initiative : The coolest job on the earth?

SAB Miller

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