Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review Tata Crucible 2011: Ahmedabad Corporate Round

Tata Crucible 2011: Ahmedabad Corporate Round

Fairly low turnout (in comparison of campus quiz) about 50 odd teams with regulars like Triton and Thermax visiting.

My bad luck was not able to participate due to lack of partner!

The regulars from Triton made a good lead in first two rounds which ensured there victory regardless of some good catch-up by other teams


Winners: Triton Group: The veterans Mahesh Manjawala & Mayur Rana (Score:40)

First Runner up: Thermax group (Score: 30)

Second Runner up: Soubhagya and Anirban from R&B (Score: 25)

Following are the questions with answers from Prelims and finals

1.  Which is the most visited paid monument in the world? Answer: Eifel tower   

2.    There were originally 4 old “Zaibatsu” in Japan three of them are Mitsui,Yasuda and Mitsubishi which was the fourth one? Answer: Sumitomo (options were given) 

3.    Now glossy most sought after weekly magazine was first published in Lahore in year 1882 by Arorbans press which magazine? Answer: Mayapuri (options were given) 

4.    Who is she:
Answer: Dr, Amrita Patel of GCMMF

5.     Which city’s name appeared in Citibank’s name when it was founded in 1812? Answer: Newyork

6.    “The extra half an inch: Hair, heels and everything in between” is the book written by which global celebrity? Answer: Victoria Beckham

7.    How do we better know this company which started its life in 1976 by name of Multitech (Hint: Dell’s model in asia) Answer: Acer

8.    Why only 241 pens were manufactured by Mont Blanc for its special Gandhi series? Answer: Distance between Ahmedabad and Dandi in miles (the famous dandi march)

9.    Based on current values of real estate in Atlantic city who is on #9 of Forbes richest fictional character list? Answer: Mr. Monopoly  

10. Kuensel was the only newspaper of which country till year 2006? Answer: Bhutan (hint given the country emphasizes more on happiness)

11. The controversial breast milk ice cream was named after which celebrity what was the name? Answer: Baby gaga

12. This book is based on which historical character? 
Answer: Chanakya (book corporate chanakya)
13. According to widely accepted theory what does “Bench” mean in Italian? Answer: Bank

14. Who funded C V Raman for his nobel winning research? Answer: G D Birla

15. Who founded HDFC? Answer:Hasmukh Parekh

16.   Who is this management writer
Answer: Ken Blanchard

17. Whose punch line is “ The good looking Rascals rules”? Answer: John Miller

18. “The softest pillow is a clear conscience” who said it? Answer: N R Narayanmurthy

19. Who said in 1969 “Major banks should not only be socially controlled but also publicly owned” Answer: Indira Gandhi

20. Which phone company she leads?

Answer: HTC

Finals (non visual/connect rounds)

Round 1:

·         What is donkey flight?

Unskilled labor immirgrating in a single flight to avoid scrutiny
     Which was the brand by Hindustan Photo Film

   Started by Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone now it’s a web phenomena supporting indian sport talent
The Olympic Gold Quest
    What was Care Institute of Medical Sciences first to do in India?

First green hospital
     This year is 40th anniversary related to which internet related technology?

FTP (file transfer protocol)
    What is the common name of accessory “ Chain connected decorative gold studs”?


Round 3
       TCS is now biggest employer in which European country? Answer: UK
 .    What is Tata Motor bus’s name which is going to compete against Volvo and Mercedes ? Answer: TIVO
    What is the name of rngtone sharing services of TATA DOCOMO? Answer: Sing share
     Which was declared as the most luxurious car in the world? Answer : Jaguar

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