Saturday, November 3, 2012

OBQ 487: Teachers at work...

Who are they and what did they start? Which was eventually sold for a paltry sum of USD 3.8 million in 90s...
Sorry but I am just not getting enough of this Brand!

Answer: These are the three teachers (Jerry Baldwin, Zev Seigl, and Gordon Bowker)  that started Starbucks, after running it successfully it for many years they succumbed to Howard Schultz's USD 3.7 million and sold off their business. Howard Schultz was initially employed by them as consultant.


  1. Connect - Starbucks.
    Jerry Baldwin - English Teacher.
    Zev Siegl - History Teacher.
    Gordon Bowker - writer.
    all of them started the coffee chain Starbucks in 1971.

  2. Jerry Baldwin,Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker-Co-Founders of Starbucks.