Saturday, November 17, 2012

OBQ 494: The Doctor who knew Pneumatics!

Connect to a company/brand name that is now used more as adjective!

Clue1: Almost 125 years ago a doctor saw his boy struggling to ride his Tricycle, and the idea for this product struck him.
Clue2: In next three decades many cyclists and motor racer adopt this product to achieve tremendous success , a company is formed which ultimately merges with an American company in early 21st century.
Clue3: These two guys and their program is indirectly linked with this Brand.
Answer: Dunlop whose South African operations were sold to Apollo Tyres of India


  1. John Boyd Dunlop-Inventor of Pneumatic Tyres.

  2. John Boyd Dunlop - Dunlop Group and Pneumatic Tyres and the Apollo.