Saturday, July 29, 2017

OBQ 1000: The Italian Syndicate.

Well we just hit the thousand questions (always original!) marks! Never thought this when I started this blog almost eight years ago that we'll hit the four digits, seperate post to banta hai!!!!

Anyways coming to the question number "M" (not sure what it means??? figure it our ;-))

This is another Italian syndicate, which is more than 100 years old and much more successful than Corleone syndicate and definitely with much more fascinating mission.

Identify the brand/company that is at centre of the syndicate with the help of these images. Images have some famous products of the company, the emblem that inspired it and also pictures of the owner and the most famous "employee".

As always I am looking for a specific answer, so dont dawdle!!!

Answer: The answer is Alfa Romeo, Enzo Ferrari was test driver for it, Nicola Romeo was the owner and the logo is inspired by emblem of Visconti. The car in image is Torpedo 24/25 one of their first successes.