Sunday, July 30, 2017

We are 1000 posts old! and a thousand times wiser.

Hello quizzers!


Thanks for being the witness of Original business quizzing journey from 1 to 1000!

I am not sure about others but in these eight years I have grown wiser with every single post both intellectually and emotionally.

The blog was just started at the spur of moment which was mainly dreading the business quizzes around Indian blogosphere where most of the content was copied infinitely! ( hence the word "Original" in the name of blog!)

One thing lead to another and today we are 1000 questions old, I have gone from being a awkward little brat to being a mid level (read balding) manager in an MNC with a wonderful wife and two amazing kids...

Its still amazes me even today that I walk into random strangers at public places who follow my blog and recognizes me from it, Its also amazing to have international followers of this Desi blog written by a Gujju based out of little know city of Vadodara (Baroda for those like things simple;-))

So thanks for reading/following/commenting on my blog, keep it up as that is my biggest inspiration!

As always  you can always drop your suggestions, vent your anger or just simply send questions to be posted on the blog as well as my facebook and twitter page, and don't worry whenever I post a question on behalf of "guests" , I will acknowledge it.

Corn and Peace!


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