Friday, March 2, 2018

Full review of Tata Crucible 2018 Campus regional finals @ Anand

So this time I grabbed the opportunity to watch the Anand regional final live for Tata Crucible campus quiz.

It was on the day after the Ahmedabad regionals, so it was good to compare the big vs. small city quality of the quiz.

You can find the full review of the Ahmedabad quiz here.

In Anand the quiz was organized at the quaint little campus of Institute of Rural Management (IRMA).

There were about 60-70 teams though heavily dominated by IRMA crowd, only the serious quizzers from other colleges appeared here.

Unlike big city here the prelims were hosted by Rashmi who is lately working with Pickbrain.

Here are the questions from the prelims.

1. Which company's logo would you associate with Speechmark (a language connotation )/?
Answer: Vodafone (I thought its CCD!)
2. Identify company from its logo.

3. Expand LIBOR (its a financial term)
Answer: London Interbank Offered Rate

4. Who runs this foundation?
Answer: Deepika Padukone (though I am not sure why they said Azim Premji)

5. Who owns Ultratech.
Answer: Aditya Birla group.

6. Banker to the poor is the biography of which Nobel laureate.
Answer: Muhammad Yunus (Gramin Bank, Bangladesh fame).

7. Who publishes Illustrated weekly in India?
Answer: Time group.

8. Identify the airline from its logo.

Answer: Qantas

9. Which company's mascot is called "Geoffrey the Giraffe"?
Answer: Toys R Us

10. What is this?
11. Which company owns brands like Classmate, AIM and Mangaldeep?
Answer: ITC

12. This is old logo of which Giant from Far East?
13. Which company has a logo that is known as "Joe", the company's punchline is "Change your body, change your life"
Answer: Gold's Gym

14. Identify the logo
15. From 1990-95 which company used geographic locations such as Java, Africa Alaska to name its variants?
Answer: Axe deodorant.

16. Which tech company this couple start? They eventually got acquired by Yahoo.
Answer: Flickr

17. O. R. Patel and brothers started which company in Gujarat?
Answer: ORPAT

18. Purple Pebble pictures is a production house of which famous celebrity?
Answer: Priyanka Chopra

19. Who is he from the world of fashion? (He has a fashion label by his name).
Answer: Tommy Hilfiger

20. Which company tied up with a UK design firm to design a truly Blue jeans?
Answer: Google

The format was the same as I explained for the Ahmedabad round.

Here are the questions from the wild-card round.

1. USA president Ronald Reagan endorsed which clothing brand?
Answer: Van Huesen

2. You will find Sultan Kabus on which country's currency?
Answer: Oman

3. This product was developed for war time as a complete planned diet, which commonly used brand is this?
Answer: Complan

4. This service was started in London back in 1897, because of its yellow and black colour it was called the Hummingbird, which service is this?
Answer: London Taxi

5. Which IT/ITes service was started by Shiv Nadar?
Answer: HCL (duh!)

6. MAC stand for what in fashion industry?
Answer: Make up art and Cosmetics

7. Air Arabia has started a new offering specially for its student travelers from India, which service is this?
Answer: EMI

8. Quality of this product is determined by blackness and hardness, which product?
Answer: Pencil

9. Who in India owns Filmfare awards?
Answer: Times of India/Bennet and Coleman

10. The Dawn was started by which famous freedom fighter?
Answer: Mohmmad Ali Jinnah

After the Wildcard there were six teams for Regional finals, there were two colleges each from IRMA and Maharaja Sayajirao University (Vadodara), and one team each from GCET and Navarachna University.

The final was very closely contested with atleast three teams having their chances till the midpoint to win the quiz.

Here are the questions from the Finals.

1. This British lady had birth name of Mrs. Perella and pioneered a very novel concept of making and selling cosmetics, when she dies the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that "We have lost a true pioneer"?
Answer: Anita Roddick, Bodyshop

2. Connect, Jummy wales video clip and logo of Wikimedia foundation.
Answer: Wikipedia

3, Who owns Radio 1?
Answer: BBC

4. This is another big retailer from USA called Sam's Club, who was its founder?
Answer: Sam Walton founder of Walmart

5. Identify this famous adman who has a great connect with Anand.

Answer: Da Cunha the creator of Amul girl and print ads.

6. This was originally called "Metropolitan Police" though its better know by other name these days.
Answer: Scotland Yard

7. Which company owns the rights for the movie "Cast Away"?
Answer: FedEx

8. Post independence who did Tata collaborate with to start their Truck business?
Answer: Mercedez

9. This ad is for which Tata brand?

Answer: Tata Mutual Fund

10. Who is he? And which Tata company is he associated with?
Answer: Bhaskar Bhat

11. Identify the logo.
Answer: It was Dr. Batra's logo

12. Which company's loyalty program is known as, First Citizen?
Answer: Shoppers Stop

13. This production house got its logo when W.W Hodgkinson doodled a  mountain like figure on a tissue paper, which company?

Answer: Paramount pictures.

14. Which company owns the liquor brand Miller Coors.
Answer: Anheuser Busch

15. Connect Jubiliant Foodworks, Vikas Khanna and couple of other images.
Answer: Dominoes  

16. Which company owns watch brands like Tiffany's, Jacquet Droz,  Omega?
Answer: Swatch

17. Which company's logo is also known as Boomerang?

Answer: Speedo

The GCET team took a big risk on last question and snatched the victory from hand of the MS University team. It was quite a cliff hanger of a final!

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