Tuesday, March 20, 2018

OBQ 1114: Meet Mr.Gupta

Yes here is Mr.Gupta, part of the growing family of Indian expats who have made it large in foreign lands, his claim to fame is to revive old industries like Steel and Power in a country where they are seen as sunset industries.

Give me the full name of Mr.Gupta and tell me what is his recent claim to fame.

Answer: Sanjeev Gupta who has claimed to create the largest battery.


  1. Is he one of the Guptas of the Sahara Computer Group of South Africa (Name Sahara derived from Saharanpur - the origins of the Guptas) who have been involved in some scam with former President Jacob Zuma?

  2. He is Sanjiv Gupta. He has committed to build 120 MW lithium ion battery plant in south Australia bigger than 100MW lithium ion battery plant built by Elon Musk in south Australia