Monday, April 9, 2018

OBQ 1124: White goods for all

Its rare that a village becomes identity of a product and that product goes on to become the identity of a company. Though this company derives less than half of its revenue from this product its identity is strongly linked to it.

Identify the company that has its presence in each Indian household and not restricted to kitchen any more.

Answer: Tata Chemical


  1. Tata Chemicals should be the connect !!
    a) Shri Kapil Ram Vakil: Foounder of Tata Chemicals
    b) Rallis is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals
    c) Sanjeev Kapoor endorses Tata Sampann Spices,i-Shakti unpolished dals.

  2. The village is Mithapur,Gujrat & product is Tata Salt