Friday, August 17, 2018

Review of Tata Crucible 2018 Corporate quiz: Ahmedabad Regional Final

Hi gang,

Here we are, the Ahmedabad round of regional final was exactly done a week ago, here is schedule for all other cities

The venue was actually once again in Gandhinagar in TCS Garima park. This time there were close to 400 teams that came to participate though my guess is that more than 2/3rd of them were TCS teams.

As usual there were 20 questions in prelims with about 4-5 starred questions as tie breaker.

Me and my partner actually got 19/20 right so I can say it was fairly easy prelims, the cut off would have been around 15-16 as per my best guess.

Here are the questions from the prelims where a majority were visual questions.

1. Who is this famous investor?
Answer: Masayoshi Son.
2. What does M H stand for in the brand L.V.M.H
Answer: Moet Henessey.

3.  This company was started as Trinity Lab by Mr. U.N.Mehta, how do we better know it today.
Answer: Torrent Pharma.

4. Which company owns the brand Savlon?
Answer: ITC

5. Which famous fast-food chain from North is this?
Answer: Keventers

6. Identify the chain of restaurant
Answer: Yo China.
7. Identify the tech company from its logo
Answer: Symantec (Norton Antivirus)

8. Whose ad is this?
Answer: Dove
9. Who owns Kia Motors?
Answer: Hyundai

10. Identify the logo of the airline.
Answer: Lufthansa

11. Bombay Dyeing is owned by which business group/family?
Answer: Wadia group.

12. Identify the logo of Indian travel portal
Answer: Cleartrip

13: Who owns this TV Channel
Answer: NDTV

14: Identify the logo of coaching classes
Answer: T.I.M.E
15. Identify the logo of tire brand.
Answer: Firestone
16: Identify the logo of Government bank
Answer: UCO Bank
17. Which hollywood celebrity owns "Racetrack records"
Answer: Vin Diesel

18. Identify the product name.
Answer: Microsoft One drive.

19. Who owns the brand Harpic
Answer: Reckitt Benckiser

20. Identify the logo of a wearable tech brand.
After the two prelims two teams from TCS, One each from Oyo Rooms, Nielsen, Pharmazone and Apptus Qualified.

I wasnt able to capture all question of Finals as I was on stage competing for the title!

There were about 25 questions divided in four rounds the scoring was 100 for all questions and you had option of going for Tata card/ Bonus which will make the question worth 150 points.

After some nail biting quizzing Oyo rooms emerged as the truly deserving winners and we (Nielsen) managed to get the second rank  (from Pharmazone) by cracking some questions in the last minute!

Let me know how was your experience this year and if you have any questions around it.

Happy Quizzing :)😎😎😎


  1. Congrts for runner-up position..I will participate for goa crucible round..pls can you guide me how to crack prelims.